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Cheap Hosting Usa
 Story link: https://hostdens.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 12, 2016; 11:21 AM
Hostdens - Canada/USA/Europe Networks provides reliable Cheap Dedicated hosting,$1 Hosting,One Dollar Linux Shared Web Hosting,Cheap Reseller Hosting.... read more
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Remove Samsung Screen Lock And Get Data Back
 Story link: URL:/// ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 12, 2016; 10:12 AM
The Samsung screen lock can prevent familiars and strangers from reading the private information on your Samsung devices. Unluckily, sometimes you may forget the password and fail to enter your Samsung. What’s worse, you can not access your Samsung data. Here this article will tell you how to remove your Samsung screen lock and get data back to your Samsung.... read more
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Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – What Are Their Differences, Strong Points, And Drawbacks?
 Story link: http://www.vyrazu.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 11, 2016; 07:26 PM
In the exciting, yet sometimes confusing world of app development, there are lots of choices and options to consider. Should it be an iOS app or an Android app? What are native, hybrid, and web apps? Which one should I use, etc? Well, the moment you decide to develop, or build your app, the first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of app you want to make. A lot of factors will decide you... read more
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Native App Or Responsive Website? Which One’s Better?
 Story link: http://www.magnamena.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 11, 2016; 04:24 PM
Marketers today usually have to choose between developing a native app or a responsive website for their mobile marketing strategy. Here are the pros and cons of both to help you choose one, or go for both, depending on your strategic goals. You don’t need to rush and build a mobile app just because every one seems to be doing it. In most cases a mobile-ready site (“responsive” is ideal) wi... read more
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Responsive Website Developing Company
 Story link: http://www.webdesignersofindia.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 11, 2016; 09:59 AM
Responsive Web Design India - Build fantastic responsive websites for various businesses which act as efficient tool to haul customers from various devices.... read more
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How To Reset Screen Passcode For Samsung Galaxy Phone
 Story link: http://www.androidphonesoft.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 11, 2016; 08:25 AM
I have been asked many times from Samsung users to reset the screen passcode which they forgot to remember. The article lists all the possible methods to solve the issue.... read more
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The media and publishing industry has been a slow mover in adopting mobility solutions. IoT is again set to bring about a paradigm shift in the business world with Cloud.... read more
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Social Travel Planner
 Story link: http://www.mytripkarma.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 10, 2016; 03:37 PM
MyTripKarma is a social travel planning application that covers all your travel needs from planning to booking to post trip sharing.... read more
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Ios 10
 Story link: http://ios10news.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 10, 2016; 01:18 AM
The most advance operating system is getting ready to knock on your door. Apple is working hard on its next generation operating system and it is believed that Apple may launch its next operating system iOS 10 in 2016 at WWDC. While maintaining the same long running releasing schedule, Apple will announce new iOS in June 2016.In the newest operating system (iOS 9) the most admired feature was Siri... read more
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Tips To Choose The Best Platform For Your App
 Story link: http://www.9cortech.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 10, 2016; 12:56 AM
A mobile application is a necessity for any business. Having an App with distinguishable icon can take your business to greater heights, that too beyond your expectations. Whenever we think about building an App for our own business the first question that comes to our mind is, which platform we must choose for the development.Platform compatible Apps are always preferred but it will be little bit... read more
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Why Is Cross-development So Important For Mobile Applications?
 Story link: http://www.optimusinfo.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 10, 2016; 12:08 AM
Nine out of 10 mobile devices run either Android or iOS operating systems. They share that 90 percent more or less equally. A half dozen other OS’s, including Windows Phone, fill out the remaining 10 percent. Given that there are mobile devices in the hands of about 2.5 billion people today, to ignore either Android or iOS for your consumer-level mobile app development is essentially writing off... read more
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Phone Gap - The Coolest Mobile App Development Framework
 Story link: http://mlabs.boston-technology.com/ ,  Saved by user, Anonymous on October 09, 2016; 11:36 PM
Now with PhoneGap, developers can easily build cross-platform mobile apps. PhoneGap literally bridges the gap between web applications and phone devices. How does it do this? By using standards-based web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. Pretty impressive, huh? Oh, and did we mention it’s an open source framework?... read more
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