How Mold Testing May Reveal Serious Health Hazards In Your Home

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These assessments include black mold testing. The effects of the different species of this type of fungus can be particularly dangerous for people with existing respiratory problems. In fact, a recent article in Medical News Today, noted that the toxins released by this dark-colored bacteria—which infamously grows on porous surfaces such as paper, fiberboard and fabric—can be very harmful to some people’s health. To determine whether these hazards exist, we send our samples to a reputable independent lab that tests not only the type of mildew present, but the concentration, as well. Our seasoned technicians will then write a rigorous protocol for treatment and remediation. With over 25 years of combined industry experience, our licensed technicians leave no area untouched in your house. We can improve the quality of life for all who entrust us with the health of their home. Don’t waste another day wondering if the stain behind your appliance or the bacterial growth in your basement is health hazards. Contact Shamrock today for a free consultation, and breathe easier.

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