How To Create Taskbar Fully Transparent On Windows 10?

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 Saved by user, Anonymous on December 06, 2018; 12:59 PM
Now, Windows 10 offers you lots of option for customising the taskbar. Users can easily control which items appear in the notification area, disable badges for apps, also set it to the auto-hide mode, and many more things. Even though to turn on the transparency, you can’t even make the taskbar completely transparent or use blur option to make it looks like some frosted glass. Luckily, there are some third-party tools like TranslucentTB, by using this tool you can make our taskbar fully transparent or also make it look like frosted glass. So, here we provide you complete steps to make the taskbar fully transparent on Windows 10. But before preceding the step, we recommend you to use these steps in a given sequence to avoid trouble and errors, and it will also take less time. The steps are discussed below.

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