Brahmasthan In Vaastu

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 Saved by user, Anonymous on January 18, 2020; 02:18 PM
We get energies from the Cosmic layer or the ‘bramhand’ – the Universe. These energies are coming from the light of the Sun. in the olden times, in every structure which was constructed, the central portion called the Brahmsthan, was left open, the reason why it was left open was to receive the rays of the sun on the area of the ‘Brahm’ or the centre. And the 7 coloured rays of the sun actually represents your 7 Planets and on their left and right respectively the IR and UV rays are Rahu and Ketu. It is important that the sunlight falls on the ‘Nabhi’ or the ‘Navel’ as it is the central system or Brahmsthan. Bhram meaning illusion governs us, you live in a world of illusions which you have created yourself.

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