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So fast forward a few years: We moved into the new space, which we’re in now. It’s a great gym that I’ve been able to step away from the day to day with. I’ve hired a cleaning crew. I put the coaching staff in charge of a lot of things that I was doing. I put a fitness director in place who handles all of the sales consultations. But here’s the kicker. I wasn’t doing all of those things anymore and we had some clients that got upset and I couldn’t understand why. In fact, there was a group of five ladies, they were all in, and they were with us from the beginning. Then they started leaving one at a time, so we got a hold of them. When we finally got to the root of it, it was because they felt like now it wasn’t a mom and pop business. They were like, “Tim’s getting too big and there was too much change, it’s like a corporation now”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The impression our clients got, was that we didn’t care about them because I wasn’t physically mopping the floor. And I just could not believe it.

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